• Easily filter through our extensive database of active students and graduates. Use our match search to focus specifically on those suitable for your role.
  • Check out each candidate's interactive CityGrad profile and shortlist an unlimited number of candidates.
  • Send your job specifications to all shortlisted candidates. They will be notified via email and once they express an interest you will receive their contact details.
  • Provide one of our consultants with your desired candidate specifications relating to location, area of study and experience.
  • We will contact matching candidates to confirm their availability, potential interest and suitability for your criteria.
  • Within 24 hours you will receive am email with the name, email, phone number and supporting CityGrad profile of a minimum of 5 matches.
  • Provide us with an overview of your desired recruitment event and we will market, promote and co-ordinate it for your organisation.
  • We will ensure that attending individuals match your criteria of location and area of study OR experience.
  • We will host the event at our city centre offices for a period of 1 - 1.5 hours.
  • On the day, one of our consultants will provide assistance.

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