AM CityGrad is a fresh, exciting and innovative platform that takes a unique approach to graduate recruitment. We are passionate about supporting students and graduates in their job hunt. This is why the focal point of our recruitment process is the CityGrad profile. On creating an interactive profile students and graduates instantly becomes searchable to employers. Furthermore the inclusion of a video CV and achievement gallery allows for the candidate to place a far greater emphasis on their qualities and ambitions rather than being held back by work experience.

Our vision for AM CityGrad is simple, to create an active platform for students, graduates and employers to connect. In order to do this we have relinquished control to the user. You are in control of your profile. Be creative, enthusiastic and different. Just remember to keep it professional. Likewise we do not moderate job opportunities. We leave this to the candidate’s discretion. How we develop AM CityGrad is all dependent on how it is used. That’s an exciting prospect.


Which businesses use AM CityGrad?

We are used by many fantastic companies. These range from start-ups right through to leading graduate employers. All of which cover a range of sectors. This diversity is one of our strengths as it enables us to offer a broad choice of professions for your consideration.

I am an undergraduate student. Is this website suitable for me?

Definitely, we have employers using our website that are recruiting for vacation internships as well as their graduate schemes. All you need to do is let us know potential start dates.

Do I need to include a profile picture and video CV?

Preferably, yes. These fields are not mandatory however employers are more likely to engage with applicants that have taken the time to complete their profile in full. It also enables you to inject some personality into an otherwise anonymous process.

How do I include a video CV?

All necessary equipment can be found in your room and webcams are fantastic for this. Your video CV should be no more than 60 seconds and should cover the following areas; Introduction, education, experiences, interests and aspirations. When happy all you need to do is upload it to YouTube. You can keep this private by making it unlisted. You can then copy the embedded code into your CityGrad profile.

What should I include in my achievement gallery?

This section is all about showcasing your interests and accomplishments. This enables employers to match your personality to the team dynamics. Here you should include photos of your travels, graduation, charity work, sports, music etc…

How do I apply for roles?

We understand that the endless recycling of job applications can be frustrating. This is why we have removed our jobs board. In its place is your CityGrad profile from which employers contact you directly with their job opportunities. You will be notified by email when you have been shortlisted by an employer. It is only if you express an interest in the role will contact details be exchanged.

What happens when I find a job?

When you have secured yourself a role all you need to do is change your profile visibility to off. This ensures that you will no longer be searchable to employers and can be done by logging back into your profile.

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